Prayer: The Path to a Spiritual Legacy

There are a lot of things that impact the strength of our spiritual legacy. However, at the core of any spiritual legacy is our own personal relationship with God. Ultimately, it is how we personally walk with God, that fuels what our spiritual legacy will actually become and prayer is vital in this process. Prayer plays a unique and powerful role in how we relate with the God of the universe. Prayer is actually what makes our relationship with God a real relationship.

Here is what I mean: God has mercifully made himself clearly and powerfully known through the means of Creation, His Word, the person of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And yet, it is in the gift of Prayer that God has made it possible for us to respond, interact and engage with him in relationship concerning all that he has revealed about himself and our world. Here’s the negative way to say it: Without prayer there is no relationship with God.

Over the years I have become more and more convinced that our relationship with God in prayer is magnificently multifaceted. Here are three facets of what I mean.

First, when we pray, God changes us. He uses our time with him in prayer to soften our hearts, draw us ever closer to himself and conform us into the image of his son.

Secondly, God uses our prayers to carry out his purposes, impacting people and situations around the world for his glory and their good. That truth is simply astonishing.

The third aspect is the supernatural connecting power of prayer. God uses our prayers for others to supernaturally connect us in ways far beyond what we could imagine, both to him and those for whom we are praying. Each of these facets of prayer influences your spiritual legacy. The importance and impact of your prayers for your grandchildren (the next generation) is incalculable.

Remember, prayer makes our relationship with God a real relationship.

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