unleash the power of prayer

Engage your Faith Community to Pray for your Students

encouraging Spiritual Growth in your students is hard

But by focusing on the 7 Essentials of Prayer you will put a discipleship focus in the lives of your students & community!

For Grandparent’s Day
Give the legacy of prayer!

launch the campaign & see spiritual growth through Intergenerational relationships

Our easy to use Prayer Guides make it simple for anyone to be a Prayer Champion for your Students


The Pray for Me Campaign – Quick Start Kit for Schools is a completely downloadable set of resources designed to walk you through how to launch the Pray for Me Campaign at your school.

Launch the Pray for Me Campaign in 4 easy steps:

Buy the
Quick Start Kit

The Quick Start Kit for Schools is a completely downloadable set of resources designed to help you launch the Pray for Me Campaign at your school.

This simple step-by-step guide is sure to help your school have a great experience. You’ll find promotional videos, social media, and customizable emails to help equip students and Prayer Champions.

encourage families to Enlist Prayer Champions for their students

A great place to find these Prayer Champions is in your students’ churches. These can be deacons, elders, pastors, youth leaders, small group leaders, and any other adults involved in your student’s lives.

Buy and Distribute the prayer guides

Our unique Prayer Guides will help Prayer Champions stay the course in praying effectively for the next generation.

The Quick Start Kit for Schools comes with ideas for how to fund and distribute the Prayer Guides to your students, parents, and Prayer Champions.

Invite Prayer Champions to pray for one year AND WATCH GOD WORK!

Connect students with Prayer Champions who will commit to praying for one year.

The results could transform your students’ lives!

adults Praying
for children

A Guide for Adults to Pray for Children in Fifth Grade and below.


adults Praying
for students

A Guide for Adults to Pray for Middle School, High School, and College Students.


Prayer Guide

A Guide that Equips Students to Pray for themselves and their Peers.



Susan Becquet is available to walk you through the process of launching the Pray for Me Campaign at your Christian School. Connect with Susan today at 719-205-9791 or susan@ouronehundredyears.com.