Pray for Me: Adults Praying for Students

A Guide for Adults to Pray for Middle School, High School, and College Students

The Pray For Me Prayer Guide (Adults Praying for Students) is a tool specifically designed to help you, as a Prayer Champion, stay the course in praying effectively for the next generations, specifically middle school, high school, and college students. As you work your way through the guide you will taste the sweetness of turning Scripture into prayer. You will learn to look through the lens of the 7 Essentials when praying for the next generation. You will have the opportunity to begin experiencing the rhythm of life with God using the SeeSavorShare (S3) Discipleship Process. All of these benefits are captured in thirteen weeks of daily focused prayer for the next generation.

The Pray for Me Campaign

The generations in our churches are disconnected. The Pray for Me Campaign utilizes prayer to create intergenerational relationships that lead to church unity.

The Pray for Me Campaign is a church-wide initiative that equips adult believers from every generation to pray for children and students. During the campaign, students and families invite believers from multiple generations to pray for one year through the Pray for Me Prayer Guide.

3 Steps to Launch the Pray for Me Campaign

Buy the Pray for Me Campaign
Quick Start Kit

The Quick Start Kit is a completely downloadable set of resources designed to help you launch the Pray for Me Campaign at your church.

This simple step-by-step guide is sure to help your church have a great experience.

Choose your
Prayer Guides

The Pray for Me Campaign offers unique prayer guides designed to help adults in any generation pray for both children and students.

These guides will help Prayer Champions stay the course in praying effectively for the next generation.

Spread the Word
about the campaign

The Quick Start Kit includes resources to help you spread the word about the Pray for Me Campaign at your church. You’ll find promotional videos, social media, and customizable emails to help you invite families, students, and Prayer Champions to join the campaign.