One Hundred years would like to welcome you to the Legacy Coalition Legacy Grandparenting Summit 2023 and help you make a difference in your grandchildren’s lives by offering you a discounted copy of our Pray for Me Campaign Prayer Guide: Grandparent Legacy Edition for $15. Just fill out the form below if you would like to purchase your copy and take it with you today or give us your email address and phone number if you would like more information!

The Pray For Me Prayer Guide (Grandparent Legacy Edition) is a tool specifically designed to help you, as a Prayer Champion, stay the course in praying effectively for grandchildren. As you work your way through the guide you will taste the sweetness of turning Scripture into prayer. You will learn to look through the lens of the 7 Essentials when praying for your grandchildren. You will have the opportunity to begin experiencing the rhythm of life with God using the SeeSavorShare (S3) Discipleship Process. All of these benefits are captured in fourteen weeks of daily focused prayer for your grandchildren of any age.

The Grandparent Legacy Edition is designed for mature Prayer Champions to pray for their grandchildren of any age.